Welcome to the ADD VIP Club!

The ADD VIP Club is a private, members-only program created for you by ADHD coach Jacqueline Sinfield and business coach Marcia Hoeck. It’s an easy way for you to be supported every week, with solid business information designed specifically for you, the entrepreneur with ADHD or ADHD tendencies.

We’ve broken our best advice, tips, hints, and words of wisdom down into easy-to-swallow chunks for you, and will deliver them right to your email inbox.

Each week for 6 months (26 weeks), members receive a short, easily digestible lesson directly to their email inbox. Each lesson is designed to help move your business forward — without overwhelming you.

The lessons are in the form of video and audio tips, tutorials, pdf reports, and exercises and worksheets. We structured the content of the lessons around what you told us you want and need, from the survey we took in the summer of 2011.

So you’ll find strategies for taming procrastination, becoming better at being able to maintain focus, and knowing how to prioritize and be more productive, to name a few. We’ll work on your self esteem and confidence, and support you with all the little niggling things that don’t seem so little when you’re feeling mired in them. And you can join the ADD VIP Club at any time.

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If you are already a member, look for your weekly lessons coming your way to your email inbox. If you have a question or a problem with your membership, please email us at:

jacqui (dot) marcia (at) gmail.com.

Thank you! We wish you a very successful, productive, and exciting business!

Jacqui and Marcia
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